Crash test of the ACE EV V1 Transformer van

> Watch the video here


ACE EV’s electric trolly collector photo courtesy ACE EV

Sohail Hasnie Video equivalent cost $18,000 a second – for full ADR compliance, culminating with a crash test of the V1 Transformer TC series.

Watch the video here

Many have been following the ACE EV Group adventure, for years wondering if we would deliver, at times we thought the same. Colin Kane

Greatly encouraged by government Ministers Chris Bowen, Climate Change and Energy and Minister Ed Husic Industry and Science, urging Australia forward. Ed Husic MP Chris Bowen MP

Both Ministers drove the V1 Transformer before Christmas, clearly supporting the national transition to a smart transport, tapping the talents of our people to build up advanced manufacturing.Simon Holmes à Court

ACE EV Group is buoyed by the confidence of many supporters, keeping us positive for an electric vehicles future in Australia. Heather Bone Steven Miles Mike Kaiser

The V1 Transformer Series – the first out of the blocks, to be followed by the Yewt, Cargo and Urban. Now just waiting for Elon Musk to test drive Yewt and organise its trip to mars. Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX News by Newslines


Sadly in 2017 Australia sacrificed its capabilities as a manufacturer of vehicles. So ACE EV Group now taking baby steps, to get electric vehicles operational on Australian roads. Lex Forsyth Rex Patrick Anthony Lynham Mark Bailey MP

To do this the directors of ACE EV Group undertook a global search to find a reliable pure electric vehicle cab chassis that would suit our secondary manufacturing. Ian Pope

ACE EV Groups final choice, had no ADR compliance in Australia. A quandary, as this vehicle has been running around on roads in the UK, Europe and Ireland, even New Zealand since 2018.

We worked hard succeeding with full homologation and ADR, using our EV cab with additive manufacturing, an advanced moulding technology, the expertise of our German and Taiwanese Australian company directors.

On March 15th a complete vehicle sacrificed at Crash Lab to demonstrate the EV’s safety in a collision; it had many layers of complexity, including negotiations to secure vehicles, and navigate the regulatory processes with the expertise of AVCert and GlobalAutoRegs for the homologation process, now registrable to drive and operate on Australian roads. Dermot Heron Karan Jain

The result a neat energy absorbing crumple, doors still open and windscreen intact, dummies a few bruises from the airbags. A vehicle that engenders confidence, the V1 Transformer a business on wheels for Australia. SEA Electric

ACE EV Group has been in discussions with suppliers, for a range of components, including Australian made then a big contribution to Australian content, our goal by 2026 over 50%. Dan Repacholi

ACE EV V1 transformers are now registered in NSW and soon visible on roads, a slow start that will accelerate, as we have over $13.6 mill of vehicle reservations to fill, our customers patient, understanding difficulty of innovating in Australia. Sohail Hasnie