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Electric ACE Cargo van launched

An Australian assembled prototype electric van revealed in Sydney this month is claimed to revolu-tionise both transport and the automo-tive manufacturing industry.The launch event by ACE EV Group was held as part of Smart Energy Con-ference and Exhibition at the Inter-national Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, from April 2-3.
The first Cargo was assembled at the Motor Traders Association of Queensland workshops in Brisbane, the EV test driven just after the MTA hosted Carmageddon New World Mo-bility event on March 21.
Those involved included international visitors such as corporate partners Dr Charles Kung and Gerhard Kurr, the global partnership led in Australia by Greg McGarvieand Will Qiang, the founding directors of Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicles (ACE EV).
The ACE EV Group has an environmental passion and vision, to develop in Australia a clever, low cost e-mobility transport solution, tied to a future manufactur-ing base and research facility located in Australia and liaising with their research and development counterparts in Ger-many and Ningbo.
The objective behind manufactur-ing right-hand drive electric vehicles in Australia is to support entry into export oppor-tunities across all right-hand drive countries.
ACE EV intends sup-plying up to 100 units around late 2019 and early 2020. It also has plans for the Yewt, Urban and a Sportz, the latter to be revealed next year.
A refundable deposit of $980 is being taken for the Cargo, with reservations for the Yewt and Urban expected to be avail-able soon. A Sportz will also be available.
The Cargo has German designed touch-screen operations, with production models expected to include internet of Things (IoT) capability and more. Access if via a mobile phone.
Costing an estimated $40,000, the Cargo will only have a $9 per 250km running cost with just a standard power point needed to charge it.
McGarvie reckons the ACE series can easily be charged overnight, with fast charging likely in future graphene systems which also extend range. The range on a single charge is around 200-250km for the 30kW bat-tery model, 260-330km for the 40kW and up to 600km for the Sportz.
The Cargo can carry up to 500kg payload, can reach 50km/h in under seven seconds and has a 100km/h top speed – enough for any urban area.It’s so energy efficient running costs can be reduced by up to 85% and greenhouse gas emissions cut by more than 70%, ACE EV says.
ACE EV will export its EV range to other countries, initially right-hand drive markets.McGarvie says the Cargo is the perfect business solution on wheels, es-pecially for urban tradies as power tools can even be charged off the battery.
It would suit couriers, home nurses, government agencies, florists, cater-ers, aged care providers and more, the company says. Visit www.ace-ev.com.au for more information.