World EV Day

ACE EV Group is pushing to accelerate Australia’s transition to energy security and cleaner cities. ACE EV is developing a suite of affordable electric vehicles. An ecosystem approach with vehicle plus charging points and car fuelling APPS supplied.

We are focused on the future of clean energy in Australia. Pushing back against the failing fossil fuel economy, ACE EV will be producing the first Australian-built light commercial electric vehicles, revolutionizing automotive transportation.

ACE EV and their partners view the company as continuing the tradition of the high quality Australian Automotive sector that the nation has come to be known for, but with cutting edge technology and sustainability at the front of our production.

Originating with our CEO, Greg McGarvie in sunny Queensland, the fleet models are currently being rolled out of our production plant in South Australia, distributing across the country to the hard-working Australian business owners who drive our country forward.

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